How The Amish Prep To Live OFF The Grid For Amish Sustainable Living

prepping to live off the grid

Hi again, Willis Yoder here with Just to give you a few ideas of how we prep to live off the grid with power.

We do have various sources that we use. We use propane, our propane tank is over here, our 1000 gallon propane tank and we also have other propane tanks on the facilities, we like to get plenty of that stored around and kept in storage so we have plenty in case of an emergency.

We also in terms to live off the grid, as far as using lights in the house we use propane lights, kerosene lamps and regular gas lanterns, home and gas lanterns and of course we do, like I said, we do a lot of LP through the house as well as far as lamps are concerned.

We also use battery packs, like our solar panel over here against the wall, we use a lot of 12 volt and also the solar panel on top of the house.

We have battery packs that we can use and you can also hook the inverter up to that if you need to supply or recharge anything that you want to recharge or run things off of 110v, you can convert it from 12volt to 110 through those sources.

We also use generators to help us live off the grid, we have various generators, generators can be run off of regular gas, diesel or even LP and a lot of the generators we use on our particular place right here, we have regular gas generators and diesel generators and various types as far as size concerns in what your needs would be.

So with that kinda…. We also heat our hot water, we have our hot water hooked up on LP and as far as heating we do heat with coal, hard coal, just a little guy a little hard chestnut coal size, and of course you can get coals through the bigger ones, the smaller ones.

Alot of Amish use wood burners and you can also use gas stoves, LP gas for, we also do have a LP gas stove backup in the house if we ever needed that for some reason or another.

So basically that’s a few of the ideas and things that we do as we prep to live off the grid.


Amish Sustainable Living and How The Amish Prep To Live OFF The Grid Without Electricity

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